This new app changes the way people are communicating on dating sites

21 Mar 2018

Only a small percentage of chats on dating apps lead to serious relationships, yet most online daters share their personal information with potential dates only to regret it later on. See why thousands have already downloaded Talkable, a new app that’s changing the way people get to know each other.

21 Mar 2018


An estimated 49 million Americans use online dating services, hoping to meet the love of their life. Over 6,500 apps and websites make up this $1.8 billion industry and for good reason; they give their users a way to meet people they wouldn’t have been able to interact with otherwise in their daily life.

However, online dating can also lead to unpleasant and sometimes even dangerous situations. Sifting through a forest of weirdos in search of a legitimate match is frustrating. Next, there’s the problem of repeated messages or harassment from people you’re just not interested in. At its worst, online dating becomes an opportunity for online predators, scammers, and catfish to take advantage of people who are simply looking for love.

These are the reasons that led the founders of Talkable, a new app launched late last year, to go on a mission and change the way people date online. With Talkable, you have complete control over whom you interact with and how much personal information you share.

Here’s how it works: first, you download Talkable from Google Play or iTunes. Once you meet someone interesting on your favorite dating app or website, instead of giving out your personal details of phone number, simply share your Talkable username to take the conversation to the next level.

“Many times I regretted giving out my number to the wrong people. Talkable makes me feel safer”
-Jane, 27, Chicago

Once you’re on Talkable, you and your potential date will have the opportunity to talk, text, and browse each other’s Facebook photos without ever exchanging phone numbers or even connecting on social media.

If it doesn’t work out, simply tap the “Sorry” button, and the other person will receive a simple, kindly-worded message to let them know it’s the end of the road. They won’t be able to message you anymore and your private information and social media accounts will stay private.

Jena, a 25 year old nurse from Chicago who uses Talkable regularly shares, “I’ve been using dating apps like Tinder and Bumble for a while. I’ve met some nice guys, but I also got burned a few times and regretted giving out my number or connecting on Facebook with people, then finding out they weren’t who they presented themselves as. Talkable makes me feel safer; I just give them my username, chat and talk for a while, and only move forward if and when I feel comfortable.”

Next time you meet a potential match online, share your Talkable username, then tell them to download the app and look you up. Voila! You’re good to go and can take control over whom you meet and share your info with online. If you swipe right on someone who refuses to download the app, well… it kind of makes you wonder what they have to hide, doesn’t it?

Take control of online dating with Talkable. Download on Google Play or iTunes today.


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